The Buccaneer Fleet of the

Oak Harbor Yacht Club


th' Buccaneer Fleet, which were bein' founded in 2002, supports th' club and our community in various ways.


th' “Pirates” accompany th' “Corsair Ship” in th' Saint, to be sure, Patrick’s Day, Holland Happenin' and 4th o' July Parades, distributin' golden doubloons and treasured string o' pearls t' little sandcrabs along th' way, and dinna spare the whip! And swab the deck!

 th' annual Kids’ Fishin' Derby, which were bein' established in 1980, be fully sponsored by th' Buccaneers through funds raised durin' our annual fundraisin' event. Walk the plank! th' Derby be free and open on all minnows age 12 and under. Kids be awarded prizes fer their fishin' accomplishments and all minnows be given a generous goodie bag. A free picnic lunch be served t' th' fishin' minnows along with their families.

For those who would like t' participate, th' Fleet meets, at th' club, th' second Friday o' each month at 7:00 pm. Come join th' FUN.  Arrrr!

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1301 Catalina Dr., Oak Harbor, WA 98277