OHYC Member Reciprocals at Other Clubs


Current members of the Oak Harbor Yacht Club are granted use of clubhouses and moorage at other clubs. Each reciprocal club will have different rules and grant different privileges to visiting boaters. It is important for OHYC members to research what privileges are available and afforded at clubs being visited. Please note, if you use the facilities of another club it is considered good sailing etiquette to send a thank you note to their commodore. Reciprocal privileges with other yacht clubs are arranged by the OHYC Reciprocal Committee headed by Jack Kemp. If you have questions, please contact Jack at: sea_fox44@yahoo.com.


Generally speaking, each reciprocal club will offer moorage for visiting OHYC members. A current listing of reciprocal yacht clubs is available online, or you can view/download a current listing of reciprocal yacht clubs. Note this list is subject to change without immediate notice. Not all the clubs in the area grant reciprocal privileges. Take a look at Yacht Destinations website for information on other yacht clubs. At this website you can establish your own login information and view details from all our reciprocal clubs.

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