Walker, Buys each claim a first place

Whidbey News Times Article

Because of increased daylight, the Oak Harbor Yacht Club’s Sailing Fleet completed two races in one evening for the first time this spring in its weekly competition Thursday. April 20.

Bill Walker in Ehu Kai captured his first win of the season in the opening race, followed by Dave Steckman in Renaissance and Jim McAlpine in Lucky Jim.

“We managed to start well, then we watched every puff of new wind come to us first and we just kept pulling away,” Walker said. “We were really fortunate tonight. I have to give props to Dave, double-handing and sailing so well without flying a spinnaker.”

Shannon Buys took the second race in Vertigo, trailed by Walker, Steckman and McAlpine.

McAlpine holds a seven-point lead in the overall standings after six races.


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